Whether you are an SME or a Large companies, Veda offers you the opportunity to own best-in-class technology solutions that have used and tested by companies all over the world.Your company can benefit from billions of dollars invested by IBM in development, product enhancement, acquisitions etc. Can your current IT Solution provider do that?

Why settle for inhouse or highly customised and non scalable solutions when we can help you implement World Class solutions. Yes, like MNC and Global companies, you can afford IT solutions at SME budget with our out-of-box pricing structure.


Singapore Government has an array of funding to help qualified SMEs adopt digital technologies in their business to build strong capabilities in technology , participate in the Digital Economy and stay competitive globally. Find out how we can help you build digital capabilities to seize the opportunities for growth in the digital economy with market leading technology partner, all within a SME budget. Results of deploying Smarter Technology – Reduced Operating Costs, Less Manpower Costs, More Competitive locally and overseas and Increased Revenue.

Learn how Technology can be your game changer. See the report on how 70% of SMEs have reaped benefits from their ICT investments within 1 year of implementation

(Source : SME Development Survey 2015, DP Information Group)

If you are an SME looking for a Trusted Advisor to learn about best practices and explore technology possibilities for your current business, speak to us now.

Unify Your business Around Your Customer & Get 360 Degree View of your Business

At Veda3, we work with IBM to deliver end-to-end cognitive platform that helps Marketing, Commerce and Logistics & Supply Chain professionals unify their business around the customer and business ecosystems. Differentiated by the unrivalled power of Watson, Watson Customer Engagement illuminates opportunities across the entire value chain and provides clients with embedded cognitive features that fit seamlessly into the way they work and a trusted advisor helping them make better decisions to improve productivity.

With Watson’s unique cognitive capabilities delivering insights from all data, clients can have a 360 degree view of their business and the insight to respond to opportunities and competitive pressures as they deliver personalized and proactive customer experiences at scale.