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Are you ready for a New Era in B2B Collaboration?

  • November 21, 2017
  • 8:30 am-11:00 am
  • TradeHub

Beyond Digitalisation. Digital REINVENTION

IRENCE WEE – Asia Pacific, Head of Watson Supply Chain
Digital technologies are altering how people and businesses interact. Digital forces are creating unprecedented levels of industry dislocation, fundamentally changing the economics of business. Business are at the vanguard of digital innovation.
Faced with the threat of new market entrants with new business models, as well as dual imperatives to anticipate rapidly evolving consumer expectations and radically improve supply chain responsiveness and efficiency,
Businesses today are confronting a stark choice: Either digitally reinvent their enterprises or watch as clients defect and business declines around them.
By embracing Digital Reinvention organizations create an opportunity to fundamentally reimagine their operations and how they engage with consumers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
Case Studies:
1.How a large South Korean Multinational Conglomerate digitize and automate & connect with voluminous trading partners to gain visibility and enhance partner performance.
2. Learn how a Global Cosmetic Company leverage cognitive technologies to gain information flow across their supply chain to predict and mitigate the disruptions and risks that threaten their competitive advantage

IBM’s Supply Chain Transformation Journey – Gaining visibility for responsiveness and efficiency

PRIYANKA DEVA – Senior Technical Staff Member IBM Manufacturing Solution Pte Ltd

Armed with an goal to Build a transparent, intelligent and predictive supply chain, IBM Manufacturing Solution Pte Ltd (IMS), led by Priyanka Deva, embarked on this Journey 5 Years ago. Eventually, they build what we see today, Watson Supply Chain Insights.
Cognitive technology trained in supply chain provides comprehensive visibility and insights across the entire supply chain. It enables IMS to predict, assess and mitigate disruptions and risks allowing you to improve supply chain operations to deliver greater value to the business. with experience in the 2 major weather disruption in the last decade, we are building solution that help us through predicting and managing future disruption. Knowing it is no longer sufficient, we need to be Predictive and Prescriptive.
Join Priyanka as she shared her Experience & Journey in this enriching Journey. And what else are they building

GDPR and its implications
ERIC LEE – Executive Director from Deloitte Risk Advisory
Be prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data privacy challenge.
GDPR will fundamentally change the way organizations conduct business in the European Union. GDPR compliance is mandatory and its reach is global.
Noncompliance can be costly, with potential fines up to 4% of total worldwide turnover of the preceding financial year or 20 million EUR, whichever is higher
If you market and/or are doing business in EU or process information of EU data subjects, you will need to learn what are the changes that GDPR bring, how to address the key data protection requirements; and why GDPR compliance will help you build trust with clients and safeguard personal data.

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2017-11-21 2017-11-21 Europe/London Are you ready for a New Era in B2B Collaboration? Today’s empowered customers expect more from the companies they do business with. This is leading to an increasingly competitive global marketplace and driving businesses to adapt their corporate strategies and tactics at an ever-faster pace. If you do business in EU, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is mandatory. Systems and processes that drive the commerce lifecycle must better integrate with partners to anticipate and rapidly adjust to changing customer and regulatory demands. Companies need to execute a smarter commerce strategy by synchronizing virtually every part of the value chain. Join us to find out how Companies can execute a smarter commerce strategy by synchronizing virtually every part of the value chain. Take the Journey with IBM Manufacturing Solutions to learn how they have built their own transparent,predictive supply chain. AGENDA TradeHub


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