What customer engagement or supply chain initiatives are you trying to support?

Onboarding and maintaining underlying trading partner and customer data is one of the most time-consuming activities IT departments must handle. Because businesses want to leverage partner relationships as soon as possible, there is pressure to reduce onboarding times. Often, IT departments are tasked with supporting growth both in the number of partners and a constantly changing mix of partners and their technical requirements. To bring partners on board, IT departments often struggle
with redundant, manual tasks across multiple applications while keeping contact data and certificates up to date. Questions also arise about where to securely store this underlying data. Should it be stored on-premises, on a local cloud behind a firewall or on a public or private cloud?

"Simplified onboarding and partner management"

A modernized platform should include:

•  The ability for partners to self-manage aspects of the onboarding process and support each partner’s specific technical requirements.
•  A centralized application that supports onboarding across multiple business applications.
•  Options to deploy centralized onboarding depending on data privacy requirements and the company’s architectural strategy.
•  The ability to monitor the state of a partner relationship.
•  The ability to adjust scalability based on fluctuations in onboarding activity.

Changes in today’s business models created by digital business are putting enormous pressure on your supply chain. Improving visibility into your data and processes can help you predict and mitigate the disruptions and risks that threaten your competitive advantage.

The cognitive learning power of Watson Supply Chain solutions helps your organisation speed and improve day-to-day decisions and actions.

Optimize data exchange between suppliers with better B2B (EDI, RosettaNet, more..) networking:

Automate  costly manual business processes with external partners

Improve exchange  of data regardless of communication protocols or data formats

Enhance visibility  and control over business processes shared with outside companies

Increase the reliability  and performance of your B2B operations

Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) of your B2B operations:

B2B Cloud Solutions

• IBM B2B Cloud Services
• IBM eInvoicing
• IBM File Transfer Service
• Web Forms (Partner Management)
• Document Conversion, & more…


Cognitive Watson Supply

• Understand
• Reason
• Learn
• Web Forms (Partner Management)
• Interact

Multi-National Organization:

Global requirements, adaptability for change and sheer volume of tranding partner transactions
Tranding Partners

The supply chain is experiencing a period of significant change. Changing business and customer requirements are putting new and greater pressures on the business, and emerging technologies are offering intriguing ways of working.
Indeed, digital transformation is poised to change the supply chain more profoundly than any other functional area and more dramatically than at any point in its history.
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Cognitive technology for a transparent, intelligent and predictive supply chain

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As much as 65%
of the value of a company’s products or services is derived from suppliers.