Watson Customer Engagement

IBM Watson Customer Engagement is the only end-to-end cognitive platform that helps marketing, commerce and supply chain professionals unify their business around the customer. Differentiated by the unrivaled power of Watson, Watson Customer Engagement illuminates opportunities across the entire value chain and provides our clients with embedded cognitive features that fit seamlessly into the way they work and a trusted advisor helping them make better decisions to improve productivity. With Watson’s unique cognitive capabilities delivering insights from all data, our clients have a 360 degree view of their business and the insight to respond to opportunities and competitive pressures as they deliver personalized and proactive customer experiences at scale.

What We Offer
Maximize customer engagement with IBM Watson Marketing Insights

Marketers like you find themselves asking, “Why aren’t the right insights coming into focus?” The truth is that they are not getting what they need from their data because their tools are just not up to par. There is so much data within a variety of different systems, little time for data scientists to help analyze it all and more valuable insights to be gleaned than ever! Read this smartpaper to learn about IBM Watson Marketing Insights, a solution that will enable you to sharpen your vision and empower you to declare independence from traditional analytics.

B2B Cloud Integration: Gain Speed and Grow Faster with the Cloud

Read this paper for an overview of the EDI and B2B integration landscape―challenges, opportunities and leading strategies―and a summary of the IBM B2B Cloud Services offering, with real-world examples of how companies are leveraging the IBM Cloud.

Watson Marketing

Watson Marketing combines business and marketing expertise with industry-leading solutions embedded with cognitive capabilities, giving marketing professionals the power to uncover new levels of actionable insights, deliver impactful and personalized experiences that customers want and value, and discover innovative ideas that provide a competitive edge.

Watson Commerce

Watson Commerce combines business expertise with industry-leading solutions embedded with cognitive capabilities, giving commerce professionals the power to create seamless experiences that customers want and value, monitor trends and behaviors and take timely action, and understand market changes as they occur and optimize actions in real time.

Watson Supply Chain

Illuminate risks and opportunities to take quick action with solutions for supply chain optimization, B2B collaboration, order management and fulfillment.

Your supply chain impacts everything from the quality, delivery and costs of your business’s products, to customer service and profitability. Watson Supply Chain can elevate your existing systems to provide greater visibility, transparency and insight into supply chain data and processes―so you can better predict and mitigate the disruptions and risks that threaten your competitive advantage.

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