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Online Merchandising with IBM Watson Commerce Insights

Gain actionable insight to customer behavior and business performance

Marketers, merchandisers, and product managers are overwhelmed with the volume and number of data sources required to effectively and efficiently run their business. As such, information and insights missed by a business user can lead to missed market opportunities and loss of revenue for the brand. Today, merchandisers are making business decisions mostly on intuition and what “worked in the past” with limited analytical insights to drive customer engagement and increase revenue. IBM® Watson Commerce Insights helps business users make sense of vast amounts of disparate data to understand changes happening in their market as they occur, so they can optimize their merchandising strategies in real-time to deepen customer engagement, drive customer loyalty and increase revenues.

Watson Commerce Insights provides business data and analytics in a single view, in context of your customers and store pages. It alerts practitioners to situations that require their attention and eliminates the need to search across different tools and systems to gain insight. With recommended merchandising actions practitioners can take swift, decisive action for a faster response to customer behavior, market opportunities and competitive threats.

IBM Watson Commerce Insights can help you combine the art of online merchandising with the science of analytics.

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